Yummy: All Natural Energy Bars from Luminous Kitchens

Luminous Kitchens has created an all-natural energy bar that tastes nothing like those stale bars you find in the grocery store. It’s animal free (except for honey, sorry strict vegans!), and completely free of refined sugar. It’s also 90% organic. A lot of people don’t usually equate healthy with tasty, but this bar would prove anyone wrong. It’s so soft it practically melts in your mouth, and natural sweeteners like brown rice syrup and honey create a very sweet taste. Since there are no added artificial flavors, the natural ingredients pop in your mouth. You can taste every ingredient fully from the pumpkin seeds to the coconut flakes. The protein comes from whole nuts (like almonds and walnuts) and seeds instead of synthetic protein powders. Bum Bars come in three flavors: apricot, peanut butter, and hemp. They are hand-crafted in the Bronx and sold all across the country. Check them out in stores or buy them online.




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