You're Too Kind, Alicia Silverstone, For Bringing Us Two New Books

Alicia Silverstone is already a successful writer with her book The Kind Diet, a guide to staying healthy and going vegan. Now she is writing two new books, The Kind Mama and The Kind Diet Cookbook.

The Kind Mama will be about fertility, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy complete with info from doctors, friends, and other women, as well as her own personal parenting story.

The Kind Diet Cookbook will be a companion to her first book, filled with easy, family- friendly recipes.

The upcoming books were announced on Alicia’s blog, which is full of ways to live a happy, healthy, natural life, including suggestions on how to care for animals, the earth, and of course, your health and your children. Alicia is also asking her fans and followers what you would like to read about in her new books, so go ahead and let her know!

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