Your (Slightly Delayed) Morning Dose of Art Part Three


Prepare yourself, because even though it's not quite morning any more, I'm still not sure you'll be able to handle this much awesome. Behold: Ink Calendar by  Oscar Diaz. This project, on display in Madrid until October, uses the capillary action of ink spreading across a sheet of paper embossed with a calendar to display the date. Like magic, the ink slowly fills in one number per day. Each month is done with a different color corresponding to a spectrum where we associate certain shades with different temperatures and seasons. The project is supposed to enhance the awareness of the passing of time and engage the senses, rather than the logical part of the brain. I just wish they had a time lapse video of the thing in action! Unfortunately, there isn't any hint of the calendars ever being sold commercially, which is tragic because I would love to have a set all my own. -Celeste

Photo courtesy of Dezeen.

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