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The Fall have been around so long, you'd think they'd need no introduction, but since most of you kittens weren't even born when this U.K. punk band got its start in 1976, allow me to introduce you to one of the most seminal bands of the genre.

Mark E. Smith, the group's lead singer and only constant member, returns with his 29th record, a sharp collection of fresh filth that proves he is still relevant to the cause. Smith is not quite as "Totally Wired" as he was in his youth, yet he still manages to sound compelling after all these years. The current lineups beefed-up bass and quirky keyboards, especially on "Mexico Wax Solvent" and "Hot Cake," make Your Future more accessible than many of their more recent efforts. Smith's signature stream-of-consciousness poetic rants over catchy, repetitive beats have given way to something that sounds almost sweetly reflective in the closing track, "Weather Report 2," perhaps because of his recent stint in a wheelchair due to a broken hip (insert your own fall joke here).

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