Your Daily ROFL: Amy Sedaris on the Hilarious Web Series F to 7th

Amy Sedaris, one of our favorite comedians, makes a hilarious appearance in the latest episode of F to 7th, a "homoneurotic web series" from the mind of Ingrid Jungermann. Sedaris plays Kate, Ingrid's wildly inappropriate aunt. The episode, "Family" is full of cringe-worthy one-liners that Sedaris delivers with unapologetic gusto. Watching it, you want to crawl under the table on Jungermann's behalf, but feel compelled to keep your eyes glued to the train wreck of a lunch date. 

F to 7th is Jungermann's second web series—she was also the co-creator of the acclaimed series The Slope. The series follows Ingrid as she attempts to navigate her own questions of gender and sexuality in a world where traditional ideas and constructions about lesbianism are in flux. You should definitely check out the entire series, as well as the latest episode below!


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