You Need To See Lucy Liu's New Show


I know, I know. You’ve already watched and read a million incarnations of Sherlock Holmes. But I’m encouraging you to make room for just one more. I was lucky enough to see the pilot of CBS’s new show, Elementary, and I’m very happy to report it’s worth watching.

Elementary is a modern-day adaption of the tale of Sherlock Holmes, starring Johnny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) and Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill Volumes 1&2, every action movie ever). Holmes (Miller) is portrayed as a recovering drug addict who has been dropped from Scotland Yard, but works as an indispensible consultant for the NYPD. Watson (Liu) is a sobriety mentor who must stay with him on his road to recovery. Watson is inevitably brought along for some police work. She has a knack for investigation, and soon falls in love with criminal justice. The two partner up for some serious crime fighting, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Though the series definitely falls into the classic crime drama pitfalls (Enhance! Enhance further!), and has some logistical points that will make New Yorkers want to tear their hair out, the series is overall fun, fresh, and exciting. Having Liu play a badass female character with substance definitely helps. It is also comforting to see that while the two characters mesh well together, there seems to be no plans for making Liu a love interest. Thank you TV Jesus.

CBS will be premiering, Elementary on September 27t at 10/9 central.  If you’re looking for an entertaining crime drama with a cool female co-star, this show is for you.

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