You Gotta Fight For Your Rights


Las Lopezistas (comprised of Erika and Kamala Lopez) are launching an underground campaign because guess what, we still don't have equal rights. Yes, we were given the right to vote under the nineteenth amendment but the Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923 and never ratified, would make us equal under the law.

Two days ago, Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney of New York put the amendment back on the table. This is what Kamala Lopez proposes on Erika's blog:

'We need genius advertising slogans and ideas.
We need some seed money to make posters, fliers, stickers, stencils, videos and then some big donors to buy billboards for us across America.
We need to throw our bras over the phone wires like sneakers in every town across this country and then somehow have people find out that all these mysterious bras are reflective of unified support for the ERA ratification.
We need troops to carry out our masterplan...

Let's kick some ass and get it done - the time has come'


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