You can't handle the truth!


The Naked Truth, a photographic & video survey of 50 years of Voyeurism, Nudity and Sex, curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel opened today at the housprojects gallery on Howard Street, Soho, NYC. 

There are the classic couplings of Bert Stern & Marilyn Monroe, David La Chapelle & Amanda Lepore and Herb Ritts & Madonna. But some of the most powerful images are from artists I was less familiar with, like Marla Rutherford's Spring Cleaning above. And that's the whole point to going to see art-- to be moved, to be affected, disturbed. To find something new.

The show is up until July 17.

Not your mama's still life:  In the back of the gallery, not part of the Naked Truth show, maybe a show going up later, or one that had yet to be taken down, breathtaking work by an Australian artist named Marian Drew

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