Your Best Friend = Sharpie

Izzy B, a 12-year-old rapper, tells it like it is: “You don’t need temporary friend—a pencil or a pen— always trying to leave when you’re really in need. You need a Sharpie in your life— one who’s permanent and true!”

Besides being one of the coolest 12-year-olds, this little rapper’s sweet friendship message is backed up by the “dope” website FriendScents, which is sponsored by the tween clothing store Justice. It’s like an exclusive girl-only Facebook that aims “to redefine beauty for girls. Our purpose is to highlight the beauty that is in all girls and to promote the sweet aroma of genuine friendships.” Smells like grrrrl power!

What exactly is a FriendScent, you ask? According to the website, it’s the "aroma created when the scents (or flavors) of genuine friends are combined." Sounds curious, but you have to be invited to join to find out more :( 

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Photo: Sharpie

Video: Izzy B

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