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While this video does not make me want to go out and buy Dove soap, I do think it's pretty cool that they are recognizing the onslaught that we see everyday, and opening the discussion of body image  to young girls. I mean, my 12 year old knows an anorexic boob job when she sees one, and thinks its gross, yet you cant help wonder what the day to day exposure is doing to her/us. And as its illustrated here, there is an awful lot of it out there. (kudos to one of my fave bands, Simian, on scoring the soundtrack!)

But, is this message any less effective coming from a company that sells products to women? Not sure, so I looked up who owns Dove. Its a company called Unilever, and they also own Slimfast and Axe, plus a bunch of other big brands, maybe not quite as virtuous as Dove. What do you guys think? 

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