Yard Sale

Yard Sale

By Vanessa in DIY  

Thanks to a handful of new DIY-fabric companies, you can now take your handmade creations to a whole new level of customization. Are you obsessed with your pet bunny? Reupholster your favorite chair in fabric printed with her likeness. Can’t stand the holiday-inspired textiles at your local craft mart? Create your own neon plaid. The options are endless; all you need is an Internet connection and a little creativity. The following resources let you turn uploaded photos, scanned images, or Photoshop designs into patterned fabric at totally affordable prices in runs as small as one yard. Each site walks you through the process step-by-step, so it’s easy as pie for even the non-tech-savvy. And since the turnaround time is seven business days or less, you’ll be personalizing your projects to the max in no time flat. Read More.

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