World's Oldest Nun Dies at 114


 The world’s oldest person, Eugenie Blanchard, died earlier today in St. Bart’s at the age of 114, according to The Huffington Post. The Caribbean super-centenarian was also the world’s oldest nun.  The woman to hold the title before Blanchard, Kama Chinen of Japan, died six months ago to the day. Have you ever noticed how the world’s oldest people keep…dying? Weird!

It is possible that Blanchard’s vocation played a role in her longevity. A recent study done by Daniel Tomasulo, Ph.D. shows evidence that nuns’ lifestyles and positive outlooks improve physical health and decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. As Tomasulo writes, “Heaven is, indeed, helping.” For Eugenie Blanchard, it seems that must have been true. Look at her, 114 years young!

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