Words with Ladies: Hasbro's New Commercial Scores No Triple-Word Points

Hasbro has released an advertisement for their board-game version of Zynga’s popular Words With Friends game. The game really doesn’t seem to be any different from Scrabble. The commercial features a group of women playing the word game and coming up with words like...wait for it...“bikini,” “cupcake,” and “diet.”

For real?

“Okay, well there’s no ‘diet’ in my future, so ‘later,’” says one of the women in her best Cher Horowitz voice as she plays the word “later.” 

The board featured does show the words “grill,” “grin,” and “unending,” which are less stereotypically feminine, but I would still like to see a commercial that doesn’t reduce women to body-panicked robots. Take a look at the spot here:



Image and video via cegamers.com

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