Women's Rights Rallies to Sweep the Nation This Saturday, April 28th


2012 has seen no shortage of invasive legislation that seeks to curtail women's rights. Arizona, Virginia, and Capitol Hill have all been battlegrounds in this year's fight for women's equality. It's easy to sit back, feeling overwhelmed by the political climate in this country, especially when legislators are trying to take away the basic rights feminists fought for decades ago. It's easy to think the odds are stacked against us. It's easy to talk smack without ever actually doing anything.

It's more productive, though, to stand up and say 'Enough is enough!'

This Saturday, April 28th, Unite Against the War on Women will be staging women's rights rallies across the country. Open to men and women regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, and ability, the rallies are an extension of founders Desiree Jordan and Karen Teegarden's frustration. They asked themselves, 'Why aren't women taking to the streets?' in response to the injustices of our local and national legislative bodies. And now, they're making it happen, leading a nation of women to the steps of our government, saying simply and emphatically, 'Enough is enough.' 

Find your state's event here.

Bring your banners, bring your chants, and make your voices heard.


Image source UniteWomen.org


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