Women Of Power: New Photo Exhibit Gets Spooky

Polish artist Katarzyna Majak explores female wisdom in her upcoming solo photography exhibit Women of Power at Porter Contemporary in New York. Fascinated by stereotypical witch imagery, Majak's images show women clutching their objects of power and emanating confidence and strength. The artist claims "A witch is a woman of knowledge who takes a broom and sweeps to cleanse the world," and her subjects seem to be cleansing the viewer with their piercing stares and mysterious objects.

In monoreligious Polish society, claiming the powerful title of witch often leads to discrimination, and Majak's subjects have taken great risk in being photographed. The resulting images are hauntingly beautiful, even to a viewer outside the context of traditional Polish life.

Porter Contemporary is the only American venue to host Women of Power, and it will then go on tour in Western Europe. To catch the exhibit while it's stateside, visit Porter Contemporary between May 31 and July 14th, with a special opening reception with Majak on May 31 from 6:30 - 8:30.


Here's just a peek at Majak's work. Don't let it scare you.


Image source portercontemporary.com

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