Women Make Movies

You may have read the depressing, but sadly, not shocking, news that the overwhelming majority of screen directors for major studios are still older white dudes. Take heart, fair lady, and get thee to The Roxie Theater in San Francisco for a week-long film festival that is all chicks all the time--there are over 22 films screening at this Women Make Movies Film Festival , and they are made for, by, and about the ladiez. The festival is from August 28th to September 3rd--you can check out a full schedule here .


Expect movies about female matadors in Spain , women fighting for neglected children in Durban, South Africa , and a flick about amazing female hip-hop lyricists. The festival will end with a screening of Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker , a film biography/essay about the punk icon. Huzzah! -Devan, photo via Filmmaker Magazine blog

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