This is your chance to win tickets to the Summer, Sex and Spirits Event from Planned Parenthood at the Museum of Sex on Thursday in NYC. This event is sure to be a ton of fun and you have the chance to win tickets for Thursday, all you need to do is answer some trivia questions about sex! Answer the questions after the jump and email your answers to susan@bust.com.

The first person to get them right wins a pair of tickets to the event. Did I mention it's open bar? And that sassy Donna D'Cruz (pictured) will be djing all night? If you don't have any idea what the answers are, maybe you should do some studying on the Planned Parenthood Site , and the Museum of Sex site (hint, hint!).
For more details on the event go here , and in case you don't win, you can still purchase tickets! Trivia questions after the jump...Good Luck!

Trivia Questions for Summer, Sex and Spirits
Question: By age 25, what percent of sexually active people will have contracted a sexually transmitted disease?
-         50%

-         40%

-         25%

An average pair of testicles can produce 150 million sperm in:
-         one hour

-         24 hours

-         One week
The Skene's glands are located where:
-         In the vulva on opposite sides of the urethra

-         On either side of the vaginal opening

-         Beneath the prostate

Of the following methods listed, the most effective form of birth control, when used correctly, is:
-         Diaphragm

-         Male condom

-         Ring

-         Breastfeeding

-         IUD

-         Female Condom

From 1930 to 1965, which country produced the most Stag Films? (early hardcore pornographic films) than any others:
-         United States

-         Germany

-         Russia

-         Denmark

-         France

-         Britain

New York City Public Schools require comprehensive sex education to be taught:
-         In 3rd -12th grades

-         In 9th -12th grades

-         In 7th grade, 8th grade, 10th grade and 12th grade

-         New York City public schools do not have a mandatory sex education program

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