Wild One

Those Darlins' debut leaves us thirstin' for more.

Those Darlins’ debut EP, Wild One, is a completely worthwhile tease. Each of the three songs is so full of energy and fun on first meet that you hope and pray there was some sort of mistake and you’re actually listening to a full-length album. The opener, also called “Wild One,” perfectly combines a ’50s country twang with brassy vocals from bandmates Kelley Darlin, Jessi Darlin, and Nikki Darlin, while “Whole Damn Thing” has a kitschy variety-show feel as the girls sing about devouring an entire chicken while drunk. The EP closes with “Snaggle Tooth Mama,” a sarcastic ode to country living in Tennessee, with jangly guitars and hollers in the background adding extra down-home charm. Just one request: please, please send an LP soon!

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