Wilbur Predicts Best Actress!

The folks over at the UK gossip site Popbitch have a secret weapon in their fight for Oscar prediction supremacy this year. He's a 'psychic' cat named Wilbur and according to his posse, you'd have to be a fool to bet against him:

'Now two years old, Wilbur had a difficult start to life. He was abandoned as a kitten with his sister under a hedge in a park. When rescued, he hid under the sofa for months. When he finally ventured out from under the sofa, we were amazed to learn that he had special powers. Wilbur started growling every time Jade Goody came on TV, thus correctly predicting her struggle with cancer. He then selected the winner of Strictly Come Dancing in the very first episode by tapping on the screen whenever Tom Chambers appeared. He also meowed loudly during Celebrity Big Brother whenever we reached for the laptop to put money on Verne Troyer, instead lifting his paw at the screen to indicate Ulrika. Alas, we ignored him. But we were wrong, and he was right! We won't be making the same mistake again.'

Watch the video and let us know, is his prediction for BEST ACTRESS on target, or would you rather see another lovely lady go home with the gold on Sunday?

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