Wikipedia? More like Wackapedia!

I just got off the rag. That means all this week has been about cravings. More specifically, chocolate cravings and the box of “Lady Pink Banana Milk Graffiti Bars” that rolled through BUST HQ from Alison Nelson at Chocolate Bar NYC. At $4 a bar it costs as much as a box of tampons but who cares because bananas have potassium and I heard that helps put some stop to your cramps. Also, we all know chocolate helps with everything. So, this week has been painfully delicious! I was internetting Lady Pink to give you a hot pick of her hand-style. When I looked her up in Wikipedia it seems as though the free encyclopedia is going to give her the boot. If someone doesn’t edit her summary by the 28th she is off the free source for not being notable or having additional sources. So all you chicks who catch graff flicks should start updating her article. Save Lady Pink! She may forever be immortalized in movies like Wild Style, books like Graffiti Women: Street Art from the Five Continents, and of course BUST Magazine issue 27 Spring 2004; but if the kids can’t find her on Wikipedia how will the children of the future ever know? Now…back to chocolate…ummm…chocolate.

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