Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Haven't you always wanted a scent based on photos in a book based on an album? Well? Haven't you? Your days of agonized waiting are over. Black Phoenix Alchemy lab has created a line of romantic and slightly dangerous scents based on a book, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, inspired by Ms. Palmer's solo album, illustrated with crime scene photographs, and accompanied by Neil Gaman fiction. Wow! These little black bottles are rolling around BUST HQ and they have the most enchanting, morbid, tiny crime scene illustrations, much like the book cover below, and smell amazing.


The scents have names like 'Daylilies at the Bottom of the Stairs,' Cupcake Spatter Pattern Analysis' and 'Unfortunate Shopping Cart'. of the proceeds go toward protecting the first amendment rights of members of the comics community. Get your own 'scent evidence' at www.postwartrade.com, and visit http://whokilledamandapalmer.com to get your hands on the book, music, and more. -Devan 

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