Whimsical Ring Obsession!

I’m the kind of person who hates delicate jewelry. I don’t wear much jewelry in general, but if I do, I like for it to stand out. That’s why I’m officially obsessed with this whimsically wonderful ring designer, Maud Traon. I stumbled upon photos of her amazing designs via tumblr and I’m in love with the craziness of each one I see. These eccentric pieces are definite conversation starters. 

The designs are based out of London and France and are made of a range of materials such as copper, fimo, clay, glitter, synthetic stones, found objects, wax, and modeling planes.

Personally, I'm partial to this purple, sparkletastic ring. It conjures up images of sparkly castles and unicorns somehow. Which one's your favorite?

See more at the designer's website! [Maud Traon]

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