Where the Wild Things Shop

phpvDBcrBPM.jpgSeems like a girl can't turn around these days without hearing/seeing/drooling over new Where the Wild Things Are projects. More than the film itself, Wild Things promotions are encouraging and defining their own trendy style universe: very woolly-vintagey-hipster-twee.

If it's not apparent in the trailers, take a look-see at the film's new L.A. pop-up shop. There are adorable dolls, copies of the book, and over-abundance of plaid things, but the feature I can't get past is the interior itself. The store looks a bit like you're shopping in a stick teepee, or a Nordic forest hideaway tucked in a particularly cozy fjord. I kind of want to go get a pile of sticks and start decorating my living room right away. Or at least eat a s'more. Anyone else getting a s'more vibe? Ah well.

If the movie is as good as the marketing, my head will probably spout joy-propelled, forest-tone confetti in the middle of the theater. October 19th can't come soon enough.

~Anna C.

Find more shop photos on Apartment Therapy.

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