What Does Your Phone Support?

i_love_love.gifWell, I guess we're just phone-happy today.

Several of the BUSTies have gotten some mail from CREDO Mobile recently. It's a really cool concept for a company - they are completely open about what political campaigns they (and their competitors) contribute to.

If you're like 99% of the population, you're on Facebook. Maybe you've seen the ads for the 'I love love' pro-gay marriage bumper stickers. Those are freebies from CREDO (I'm waiting for mine).

On their mailers, it details what campaigns and stances they support. Apparently CREDO is Planned Parenthood's biggest corporate donor, plus they give to environmental groups like the Sierra Club and First Amendment rights groups. They also pointed out that AT&T and Verizon have done things like donate to right-wing campaigns (including those for anti-choice candidates) and censor concerts and text messages because of their lefty messages.

Some Google searching shows that these claims do have merit, and the idea of caring what your cell phone carrier does with its money is a good one. One that most of us probably don't even think much about.

Also this list of words you can't say on Verizon-owned outlets is pretty funny. 'Flesh popsicle?' -Liza

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