What breed are you?




I just got this amazing book today called Show Dogs; A Photographic Breed Guide; photographed by one of my favorite photographers Kate Lacey (who's talents you can see in the upcoming issue of BUST Magazine, stay tuned). Its chock-full of amazing canines from every end of the pooch spectrum. These portraits of purebreds come straight from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, where Lacey rigged up a seamless backdrop backstage. She does an amazing job of capturing each breeds particular personality, from the noble Siberian Husky to the goofy Bulldog. Besides, what's better then looking at cute puppy-dogs against colorful background, name one thing, I dare you. It reminds me of game I like to play were I try to imagine what breed of dog my friends and family would be. Due to my frizzy hair I always considered myself a Bedlington Terrier. What breed are you?




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