We're Calling It Now: The Watermelon Cooler Will Be This Summer's Hottest Accessory


Ever wished your cooler was big enough to store your delicious summer watermelon, so you didn’t have to slice it before going to your picnic/pool party? Well, luckily for you, some Japanese inventors/manufacturers have thought of just the thing to help you out. Back in 2010, Marugoto Tamachan produced a portable watermelon cooler for that very purpose. Measuring about 35x50 cm and shaped a bit like a space pod, this cooler is mounted on wheels so that it can go everywhere you do. It can also heat your watermelon up, if you’re into that sort of thing. And, of course, if you want you can store other things in there, it can carry up to 15 liters (about 507 ounces) of stuff. Now you have no excuse not to bring watermelon with you to your next summer shindig!


The Watermelon Cooler: Just the accessory I want to be seen with on the New York subway.

SOURCE: Daily Onigiri via @juliarothman . Images from joybond.co.jp.

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