Wendy and Jessica’s Food Heaven Made Easy: Web series shows how fun home cooking can be.


Now, more so than ever before, obesity rates in America are hitting an all time high. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over one third, or 33% of adult Americans are obese,and 17% of U.S. children are now following in their footsteps. Many factors contribute to this epidemic including:  inflated portion sizes, a reliance on fast food instead of healthier home cooked meals, and less physical activity. First lady Michelle Obama for her part has started the Let’s Move! initiative, aiming to get youth moving and eating better. States are now following suit as well. An increasing number of farmer’s markets now accept E.B.T benefits in an effort to encourage healthier eating habits by low-income individuals.  In Brooklyn New York there are two ladies who are now taking their own stance against America’s obesity issue, one meal at a time. Their names are Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones.

    Food Heaven Made Easy is a monthly cooking and nutrition series airing on Brooklyn Community Access Television. Lopez and Jones, who are both nutritionists and vegetarians, aim to reduce obesity in America by demonstrating how easy, fun, and tasty whipping up vegetarian home cooked meals can be.

 In the first episode, which can be viewed on their website, the two ladies teach viewers how to cook a three course meal, for a family of four, for ten dollars. That’s right, ten dollars. In addition to the monthly cooking show, they offer recipes and advice on topics like how to successfully go vegetarian. You can check out their website and future episodes at foodheavenmadeeasy.com.

Sources: Foodheavenmadeeasy.com, cdc.gov. Image courtesy of Clutchmagonline.com.


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