Well, Duh!

According to the New York Times, even bachelors are having a hard time these days, so much so that they are having to downsize their bachelor pads and move into...smaller apartments in still-hip parts of NYC such as Soho!

For a pricey city such as New York, yes, having to downsize can be a tad bit embarrassing, especially if you're used to living a somewhat glamorous life full of swinging parties where you can make passes at attractive ladies. But in an economic time where many people are having to downsize, hell, are having their homes taken away from them, this isn't a time to be ashamed and bitch and moan how you can't fit all of your expensive possessions into your newer, tinier space.

Do I feel bad for these men? Nope. There are many people who have it much worse than you. As for this article, come on, is this story really that shocking? Can't we assume that a majority of people are having to downsize at least one thing in their life? Where's the story about 20-something ladies living on ramen and pb sandwiches, crammed into a one bedroom apartment with numerous roommates?

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