Weighing In On the Oscars and That Whole C*nt Thing

There has been a whole lot of buzz since Sunday night’s Oscars. Several websites, interviews, and news sources have expressed outrage over Seth MacFarlane’s sexist comments and his now infamous boob song. (Thanks Seth, I can’t get that stupid, douchey song out of my head.) I guess he made his point if everyone can’t stop talking about him.

But one of the most outrageous scandals from the Oscars is the infamous Onion tweet calling the cutest kid in Hollywood, Quvenzhané Wallis, a cunt. Totally appropriate, right?

Listen, I get it. It’s completely offensive to call a 9 year old a cunt and The Onion did put out a statement sincerely apologizing for the inappropriate tweet. In their defense, it was a joke - a bad one, but a joke, intended to shock and offend. I’m not going to lie; when I read that the first time, my mouth dropped open and then… I laughed. The writer got your attention, didn’t they? And then I’m sure they got fired. Oops.

Maryann Johanson of Flick Filosopher has an interesting outlook on this and how women are scrutinized in Hollywood in general.  She states that if The Onion had tweeted that about Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence it wouldn’t be anything newsworthy because we are constantly seeing women being judged and attacked in Hollywood:

“That gets attention in a way that calling a famous adult woman the same thing never does. Because it’s clearly outrageous in a way that, apparently, isn’t quite so clear-cut when it comes to an adult woman. But she asked for it by wearing that dress. She’s an attention whore. She likes being in the spotlight. She can stop being famous any time if she can’t take it. We should see such rationales as ridiculous. We can see it when they’re applied to a nine-year-old. But we don’t see it in general."

It is true, and it's probably why The Onion thought they were safe in making that comment about the sweetheart with the puppy dog purse.

So if we make the decision to not make fun of young kids in the public eye, I’m on board, but we must treat all youngsters equally. I’m talking about Honey Boo Boo. The Huffington Post released a video on their website today comparing the media’s reaction to this tweet to the public perception of Honey Boo Boo, who is only 7.  It showed SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler and Tosh.0 among others saying really offensive things about her and her family. Daniel Tosh even showed a dog screwing a pig and said that’s how she was conceived.  To me, that is just as offensive as saying the C word. So why is that okay?  Because people think she’s stupid, loud and untalented? It is okay to make fun of a child then?

They asked Seth MacFarlane to host because his humor is gross, crass, and totally offensive, so why are we surprised? His brand of comedy that relies on songs about boobs is how he got famous.  The Onion is known for writing outrageous pieces, and the tweet, while more offensive then their usual tone, was just ridiculous.  Why are we surprised?

As a comedian, you can’t make everyone happy, and your audience is allowed to be offended by whatever they want. Comedy is subjective. Some people even love songs about boobs! But in an age where we are constantly being judged and people are always in the public eye, you’ve got to carry on. And in general, let’s all be nice to Honey Boo Boo.  She adorable in her own special little way.

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