Watch What You Eat


If you've ever spent the early hours of the morning glued to the TV watching the Food Network (I can't be the only one) then the third annual NYC Food Film Festival is for you.

Besides having a slew of shorts about all different aspects of the food industry, from fried food on a stick at a county fair to how exactly New York City goes about feeding its population, they have complimentary taste testings featuring the foods discussed in the big films of the night.  Buttermilk ice cream and BBQ mutton will be served in addition to a viewing of Buttermilk-It Can Help and Mutton: The Movie, for example. Styles range from quirky cartoons to serious documentaries.

Viewings will be held Saturday, June 16th through Friday, June 19th in various places around the city. See the schedule here. All of their beach screenings are free and open to the public, while some special parties require purchasing tickets. 

But if you have to choose just one day, may I suggest going on Friday, June 19th to the Water Taxi Beach at 9:15 to see 'Power of the Peep,' for no other reason than to experience the 8,650 peeps accompanying it. -Celeste

Photo courtesy of Stephen P. Neary , director of 'Come Have an Omelette With Me'

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