Vogue! Vogue!

I could watch dance shows all day. Center Stage? Seen it at least 10 times (not counting Center Stage 2, mind you). So You Think You Can Dance? Yes, I do (kind of), but I'd rather watch the show. And America's Best Dance Crew? Definitely: especially because of this season's incredibly talented dancers and activists, Vogue Evolution.

The crew, which hails from New York City, specializes in Harlem's 'house-ballroom' genre of dance, which includes their namesake 'Vogue' style (that's right--just like the Madonna video). At home, the crew or 'house' encourages unity and confidence through their art and their studio, and seeks to create a supportive center for the young GLBT community. Through ABDC, Vogue Evolution strives to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS and STD testing. Well, that, and blow audiences away with their moves.

Vogue Evolution hasn't fallen into the show's critical 'bottom two' slot yet, and, with the help of unstoppable dance powerhouse (and gorgeous transgender woman!), Leiomy Maldonado, the group isn't showing signs of slowing down. Check them out and cheer them on at their MySpace page ! And watch footage of (my favorite) their Beyonce challenge above!

~Anna C

video courtesy YouTube

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