Visible Labia Cramping Your Style?

Until yesterday, I didn't know that camel toe was a problem that you needed a product to solve, but if you've been wondering how to stop your clothes from displaying your crotch crack, the Smoothgroove is here! Fashionista is reporting---with an understandable tinge of disbelief---that the front-wedgie-eliminating wonder (created by a woman named Susan Laurie) is finally available for purchase. SmoothGroove is like a sports cup that covers the vulva to make it look smooth and even. The cup is made of medical grade polymer that forms to your shape. It also comes in multiple designs.

The makers of SmoothGroove claim that “a staggering 55% of women, irrespective of age, size or weight, experience camel toe at some point." I am quite unsure as to when these studies were conducted, but let's say these findings were true: should 55% of women wear looser pants? Or better yet, should 55% of women embrace that they sometimes have camel toe?

The world is just full of weirdtresting products that women don't need. 

[Image Credit: Crikey.com.au]

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