Vintage & Upcycled Jewelry for the Eco-Conscious Fashionista

J. Fein Designs uses a combination of reclaimed items, vintage pieces, and sustainably grown wood to create stylish, unique, and eco-friendly pieces.  The company was founded by Jessica Feinsmith, who says she is inspired by her travels, nature, and the past.  Their wide selection of rings is especially awesome, including colorful butterflies and feminine cameos (there’s even a skull cameo, if you want a bit of edge) set on hand carved wooden bands.


Other intriguing styles made from metal findings are available in geometrics, flower motifs, and sturdy pieces, like the gladiator helmet ring.  Their rings run for $29.99 and are available in sizes 6-12.

The selection of necklaces is equally special, with styles including lockets, chunky beads, and watch charms.  They're also quite kind to your wallet, with prices ranging from $10.99 to $31.99.

Earrings come in similar styles as the rings.  The jewelry is great because it's different than the earthy, artsy-craftsy image one typically conjures up when the term eco-friendly is used (though we tend to like that stuff, too!), so you can simultaneously rock awesome pieces and be good to the planet!

You can check out J. Fein’s website here or their Etsy page here.

All images via jfeindesigns.com

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