Video Premiere: Shilpa Ray's "Nocturnal Emissions

Like Tina Fey, all of us at BUST, and most women with ears, you are probably, extremely, overwhelmingly exhausted of hearing old white men talk about how much legislation they want to slap on your uterus. Shilpa Ray is tired of it, too, and so asked her Facebook friends what the reproductive rights debate might look like if men were the objects of said legislation. One of her pals, musician Michael Leviton, wrote, "Every time a man ejaculates and fails to conceive, he's killing millions of sperm which are living organisms." And thus was her new video "Nocturnal Emissions" born. Funded via Kickstarter, the video splices scenes of Shilpa spearheading a pro-life rally ("500 million potential lives are killed every time they recklessly spill their seed!") with real footage of Paul "Personhood" Ryan and Foster "Aspirin Between the Knees" Friess spewing their usual anti-woman garbage. It's a hilarious, thought-provoking kick in the ass to all of the Republican idiots out there who are trying so desperately to destroy women's reproductive rights once and for all. Check it out below, and you know, don't forget to vote on Tuesday! 

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