Video of the Day: "Sandy Fishnets" by Evelyn Evelyn


Evelyn Evelyn, AKA Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, recently released an animated music video to their track "Sandy Fishnets." The dark, haunting tune tells the story of the encounter between the conjoined twins, Evelyn and Evelyn, and tragic character Sandy Fishnets. The beautiful, flickering animation - which also includes amazing light painting - is a perfect companion to the song. Palmer and Webley chose director and artist Vince Mascoli to create the video for "Sandy Fishnets" after seeing his piece about a trans daughter searching for her father's acceptance, titled "Dear Dad, Love Maria." (The animation uses an instrumental version of "Sandy Fishnets" called "Sandy's Theme.") 

Amanda Palmer and her projects never cease to amaze me; she never loses her sense of theatrics and cabaret. (I also personally think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.) For the wonderful backstory to Evelyn Evelyn, visit the "twins'" bio page. 

Ladies and gentlemen, "Sandy Fishnets"

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If you liked the animation above, here is Vince Mascoli's "Dear Dad, Love Maria"

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