Video of the day: Anna Calvi’s “Desire”

The darkly dramatic video for the most recent single on Anna Calvi’s self-titled debut album was released today on Pitchfork. Watch it here

Does this song remind anyone else of Bruce Springsteen? It’s even complete with talk of the devil and other themes I would have considered classic Americana. But this lovely Brit’s video, directed by Aoife McArdle, has a much more David Lynch feel than 'The Boss' has ever done. Flickering lights, enormous snakes, drops of blood, and altars decked out with candles and skulls give the video a sinister edge that’s beautiful to watch.

Calvi has an incredible wealth of talent as well. With classical training evident, her mesmerizing guitar-work on the b-side track, “Joan of Arc,” can be heard here.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City July 27th, make sure to catch her one-off US show at Le Poisson Rouge as she takes a quick break from her European tour.  For more information or to listen to more of her stunning tunes, check out her Myspace.

[Image via The Cover Lovers]

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