Vice steps into the way back machine-to 1994

The new issue of VICE is totally 90's dude, literally. Those kooky kids decided to make a high concept 'fake 1994' issue that is pretty cool. This is like a rare issue of INdex or something, with an interview with our pal Daisy Von Furth (X-Girl) by one of my fave writers, Amy Kellner, to Christina Kelly's love letter to My So Called Life, and Bob Nickas' Pavement interview! I have not seen the actual issue yet, and I don't know if these are real or imagined interviews, but they are entertaining, esp if you are old enough to remember the 90s! My favorite thing is an X Girl fashion spread with Chloe Sevigny, who looks almost exactly the same as she did back in the day (except for the silly hairdo!).  Nice pics and a fun walk down memory lane, be sure to check it out.  (Also referenced, OJ simpson, zines, Lisa Loeb, Tanya Harding.)

Photo by Annabel Mehran

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