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danica patrick.jpgMeet BUST's new girl crush, Danica Patrick. Why do we love her? Let me count the ways.

1. Danica kicks major ass in an industry overflowing with testosterone. This lovely lady has routinely broken racecar driving records by finishing higher and higher than any other woman who tried before her. She broke out onto the scene in 2005 when she finished fourth in the Indy 500, launching 'Danicamania' which, let's face it, was based a lot more on her  looks than her skills. But in 2008, Danica reminded everyone that she is, in fact, a racecar driver first when she won the Indy Japan 300, making her the first woman ever to win an Indy race. She continued to wow us back in the States this past Memorial Day weekend when she beat her own record in the Indy 500 and finished in third place. Even more impressive? She got me to watch racing.

2. But let's not deny that this girl is hot, which is only increased by her awesome attitude. Surprise, surprise, the guys have taken notice of this fact too. She has posed in everything from FHM to Sports' Illustrated's swimsuit issue (she also landed a cover in 2005). In fact, it was pretty difficult to find a picture of her with all her clothes on for this post. But, Danica keeps it classy. When asked to pose for Playboy, she declined, but offered to be interviewed for their 20 Questions column instead.

3. The girl's got a sense of humor. In a recent commercial for Boost Mobile, Danica flips her sex appeal and turns it on her male admirers. Take a look:

Then, on a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Danica pokes fun at her now notorious temper in the pits:

 How cool is she? -Celeste

Photo courtesy of Danicapatrick.com 

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