World's Potentially Youngest Circumnavigator Lost at Sea


Since the age of thirteen, Abby Sunderland dreamed of becoming the world's youngest circumnavigator. Abby is now sixteen and finally began her voyage on January 23rd of this year. She departed from Marina Del Ray, CA and keeps an updated blog with travel details and photos throughout the journey.

Her trip was going well up until today, when a distress signal was issued from her boat and phone signals were lost. Her parents remain positive, stating that Abby is equipped to handle an emergency, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

Abby is looking to beat out seventeen-year-old Jessica Watson, the world's unoffical youngest circumnavigator, who just returned home from her eight-month long trip last month. It's great to see such strong, young women competing in such a dedicated, tough sport. I wish Abby all the best!

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