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Can't get enough of hip hop? Neither can I, but of course, we as ladies, cant help but to notice that "the game" is dominated by mostly men. There have been some females that rocked a mic and represented for the girls in the past -Queen Latifah, Salt 'N' Peppa, Eve, and lest we forget, the self-proclaimed Harajuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj. But those are just some of the names that have been shining in the spotlight. Is lesser known hip hop more your scene? Searching for that sparkly diamond in the rough of the underground? Well, look no further.

Enter Hopie Spitshard-with ease, attitude, and undeniably dope flow, this "Diamond Dame" (also the name of her debut album) is certainly going to be the cherry on top of the hip hop genre in your iTunes. I promise you'll be jamming to her as she raps over hard-hitting bass lines in her song "Trunk

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or find yourself swaying to the beat as she tells you what's up in "Be a Lady". 

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And with an album and EP out, let's just say you'll be doing both for a while. Hopie definitely reminds me of everything I love about women and being a woman- educated with a doctorate from U.C. Hastings and versed in the ways of everything from violin to spoken word to guitar, she's an inspiration for my right and left brain!

You can check out her website at www.hopiespitshard.com where you can also find links to download and purchase both her debut album The Diamond Dame and EP Dulce Vita!

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