Tatty Devine spark Twitter shit storm for copycat retailer Claires Accessories

Iconic Brit jewelers (and longtime BUST favorites), Tatty Devine have sparked a huge response on Twitter in the last 24 hours after posting these pictures on their blog highlighting the dubious similarities between some of their classic designs and those currently on sale at UK high street chain, Claires Accessories. 

Coming at already challenging times for all UK retailers, these cheaper mass produced versions pose a real threat to the well-loved indie label. Tatty Devine say they hope that the response will persuade the company to withdraw these pieces. 

Sadly this is not the first time it has happened, however you can help make sure it's the last. Let Claires know what you think about it! You can find them on FacebookTwitter or email marketing@claires.co.uk.


Seriously, can you spot the difference? 


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