Twisted Reborn Dolls, for the Vampire Enthusiast in Your Life

You know Reborn baby dolls? The ultra-realistic dolls that look for the world like actual newborns? They’re super popular, painstakingly created, and treasured by their owners. But do you ever find them to be just too...human? Artist Bean Shanine certainly did, and remedied the issue by creating a whole new breed of Reborn dolls.

At The Twisted Bean Stalk, Shanine creates realistic, spot-on baby dolls. They just happen to be vampires and zombies and all manner of creep-tastic monsters. So, while you may not want to show up to just any kid's birthday party with one of these little guys under your arm, there are plenty of occasions where they’d be the perfect gift.

Can’t think of what to get your Twilight/Game of Thrones/Walking Dead-obsessed buddy for her baby shower? Boom! Vampire/zombie baby doll. You know that these little tykes have solved so many people’s Secret Santa dilemmas. Check out the whole collection here, if you can stand to. Shanine’s creations are epically creepy—and I mean that in the best possible way! 


via Lost at E Minor

Photo via TheTwistedBeanstalkNursery.com

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