TV Review: Push Girls, Premieres June 4 at 10:00pm

“I think most people haven’t seen sexy in a wheelchair” –Mia 

The Sundance Channel’s new series, Push Girls, documents the lives of four friends living in Hollywood--Angela, Auti, Tiphany, and Mia. No, they aren’t rich housewives, celebrities with a sex tape, or former B-list actors trying to make a comeback: they are paraplegic and quadriplegic women, and they are out to dispel any of your previously contrived notions about life in a wheelchair with in-your-face confidence.

As is the norm with nearly any other documentary or reality series, the pilot episode, “Everybody Stares,” is a bit clunky. Yes, they are trying to prep you for every topic the season plans to delve into and yes, many of the conversations between the women feel staged, but the stars’ charming attitudes make up for this.

The best part, though, is the revelation that these women have known each other for years. During a Sex-and-the-City-style brunch scene, the friends dish on the drama in their lives and explain how they became friends. It's old news that the cameras and scenes are staged and scripted on any reality show, but this tidbit helps raise the emotional stakes of the show because the women's relationships with one another are truly genuine.

Push Girls promises drama, friendship, adversity, and a celebration of driven women. All in all, it’s a refreshing option in the otherwise uninspired landscape of reality TV. Check out the clip below, and tune in for the premiere!

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