tUnE-yArDs releases new track: Bizzness

You may recognize tUnE-yArDs' song "Fiya" as that charming ukulele-plucking track from that blackberry commercial, or you might've seen her steal the show from the Dirty Projectors back in 2009, or maybe you saw her in the USA-Montreal-Toronto trio Sister Suvi a couple years back. but maybe all that flew under your radar. If you missed all that, no fear,  her new track "Bizzness" is the perfect introduction.

tUnE-yArDs released "Bizzness" as  a teaser for her forthcoming second lp w h o k i l l s.  She loops together organic sounds to create a dizzying beat as the background to horn swells and a voice alternately wailing and whispering "what's the business, man/don't talk my life away/ don't take my life away." If you've ever wondered what it means for a sound to have texture, well,  this song is your answer.

tUnE-yArDs - Bizzness by ListenBeforeYouBuy

As the song tapers out, you can hear the radio dj comment that there's really "no category there." One of tUnE-yArDs few contemporaries is Mirah. The two share a love for creating vocal beats and . Garbus recently co-produced, guested, and wrote one song for Mirah and Thao Nguyen's collaborative album, Mirah & Thao

w ho k i l l s comes out April 19 on 4AD.

Mirah & Thao will be also be released in April on killrockstars.

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