TRY THIS: Wood Glue Gets Your Records Spinnin' Round Right

If you're a vinylphile, you know how tempting those records in the $1 bin can be. The thing that sucks, though, is that they're usually so cheap for a reason: either everybody already has that Engelbert Humperdinck album, or they're in pretty rough shape. I've picked up many a sweet gem only to find that it was almost unlistenable on my turntable.  The only place I want snaps, crackles, and pops is in my cereal, dammit! 

Luckily, there is a solution-- and even if you're not a record collector, it's kind of fun to watch. YouTube user ghettofunk13 shows us how to use wood glue to clean a record.  It seems crazy, I know-- the moment he applied the glue to the LP, I almost screamed out, "NO, GHETTOFUNK13, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" But then I got hypnotized by the way the glue swirls around real pretty-like, and when it came time to peel off the dried glue layer, I actually gasped with pleasure (I also happen to adore Biore pore strips and picking my nail polish off). 

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Cool, right? And you can totally keep that wood glue around in case your turntable stand breaks a leg or something. I would also keep that record-shaped glue skin around like some sort of hipster Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs, but maybe that's just me?

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a Sam Cooke discography that needs attending to. 

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