Tribad to the Bone

Thanks to Callie's post yesterday, a hot subject around the office is queer sex and virginity.

What, did you think it was all sunshine, daisies, and tampon cases round here?

Specifically, we were curious as to how lesbians lose their innocence. Miss Calisha asked me, the unlikely resident expert, for my opinion. I gave her the definition that my coterie works with, and that I feel is most appropriate: any physical actions with the intention of orgasm performed by two or more people results in a loss of virginity. (Yes, that means scissoring. It also means oral sex, digital sex, buttsex on a trapeze, dressing like a pretty pony while your partner rides you around Central Park, and so on.)

Now we turn to you, our lovely queer-identified readers. How do you define virginity, and the loss of it?

~Intern Teeny Little Super Dyke 

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