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We here at BUST are totally in love with MAKE Workshop and the fabulously crafty Diana Rupp who runs it. For those of you in the NY area (or ambitious visitors!), MAKE has a great list of classes including sewing, knitting, letterpress printing, and soapmaking just to name a few. Yesterday, I tried my hand at embroidery during their one-night workshop, a skill i've been meaning to learn for years. Using handouts from her all-time favorite embroidery book Diana taught the small class (seven ladies total) all the basic stitches from back stitch to cross stitch. She sent us home with an array of floss, a hoop, two needles, and a pattern of our very own which I will no doubt spend several very neurotic evenings perfecting. I promise I'll post the finished project. If you're looking for a new project, MAKE is the perfect place to start!


 Diana (far right) kicks down the knowledge.
 Stitching by the book. 
 Picking patterns. 
 My first lazy daisy (with a bonus french knot center)! Yes it is missing a petal and yes, I am unreasonably proud of it. 



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