To Infinity and Beyond

ancient.jpgESL Records have released Ancient Astronauts' eclectic new CD, 'We Are To Answer'. The album is a diverse combination of hip-hop, rap, reggae, and trippy remixes. Some of the songs are catchy and danceable while others have that psychedelic, drug-induced vibe that make the listener want to lie back and let it wash over you. This is a true compliment to the album that you can feel like you're on drugs without actually being on drugs, both safe and fun! In all seriousness, the album has a very moving otherworldly, futuristic sound while still remaining true to its hip-hop core.

Their hip-hop and raps songs are catchy, something to play while cruising in your car and bobbing your head like you're thug life. Songs that I would recommend for doing exactly this would be 'Oblivion'. Their lyrics are vivid and poetic, like the line 'If angels had fingers connected to strings/we would be puppets and love would be king', which is not your typical rap song about chasin' the hos. The band's album also features a smorgasbord of contributing artists and DJs, such as The Pharcyde, Phat Old Mamas, and Bajka.

To sample some of their music, you can get their new single 'Everybody' here, get another track from the album called 'Classic' here, and the exclusive 'Heart of the Future' DJ mix here, all for free. There is also a mini documentary on the Ancient Astronauts on Youtube. Check out their Myspace here to listen to some more of their songs and find out where they're playing next.


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