Timeless Seasons: A Hilarious Home Shopping Network

Timeless Seasons is a new shopping network that has all of the products you could ever dream up: powerful pepper grinders, convenient teeth whiteners, portable entertainment systems, and more! Except the grinder makes flatulence sounds when you twist it, the whiteners kind of turn you into a zombie, and the entertainment tablet causes high-pitched interferences. In fact, it isn’t a shopping network at all. Timeless Seasons is a comedy trio of three funny ladies who sell fake products in hilarious skits posted on their website. The show is staged in the style of a faux-home shopping network from around the late-‘80s/early-‘90s, complete with big hair, bright eye shadow, shoulder pads, and pastel colored home décor. Reminiscent of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, the skits are grounded in all things perfectly awkward and poor quality. The fonts and transitions used are probably from the first-ever version of Microsoft Powerpoint--indicative of someone discovering the program for the first time--and the timing is always slightly, brilliantly off. The ladies laugh longer and more enthusiastically than is usually appropriate, cut each other off, pause, hesitate, and stutter. This awkward trio of saleswomen is sure to make you laugh, and probably make you feel a little uncomfortable, too. Check out a clip below, and see more of their delightful weirdness here.

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Image source: Timeless Seasons website

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