Tilda Swinton: Chanel's New Face and Bowie's New Star

Flawless as always, 2007 Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton is the new face of Chanel’s Pre-Fall Collection.  According to Karl Lagerfeld, Swinton “perfectly embodies the Paris Edimbourg collection.”  He further states, “she is a modern woman, a timeless icon of elegance.”

The collection, filled with kilts, tartan, and tweed, heavily channels Scottish themes and allows Swinton to return to her family’s Scottish roots.  Currently living in Nairn, Scotland, Swinton is the perfect choice to represent Lagerfeld’s creations.

Swinton was photographed by Lagerfeld himself in the Château d’Ecouen, a castle near Chantilly, France, and will also be appearing in “The Little Black Jacket,” an exhibition scheduled for Milan’s Rotonda di Via Besana in April.

And, as if she wasn’t doing enough already, Swinton appeared earlier this week in David Bowie’s music video “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” a track taken from his newest album The Next Day to be released on March 11.  Playing Bowie’s wife, the video blurs the lines between age and gender and explores celebrity culture in a hauntingly striking way.

Look for Swinton’s Chanel campaign in magazines this June and check out Swinton’s appearance in David Bowie’s latest music video below!

Source: WWD, Vogue, Style.com

Images via: The Huffington Post

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